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About Right2Choose

Right2Choose is all about informing motorists that they don’t have to use franchised dealers for servicing and that going elsewhere will not invalidate their warranty.

Motorists have a choice and can choose an independent garage, the largest business type for vehicle servicing and repair in the UK.

Everyday, motorists place one of their most essential possessions – the modern motor vehicle – in the hands of independent garages by taking their vehicle to a workshop close to home or workplace.

But, doing so, especially for the first time, can be a daunting experience. Which garage do you choose? How do you know mechanics are properly trained and have the equipment to deal with your car? What questions should you ask?

Right2Choose is a campaign supported by everyone in the independent automotive trade to promote the sector as a credible alternative for vehicle service and repair.

Why is choice important?

To ensure motorists understand the choices they have for competitive car maintenance. Under European Regulations renewed in 2010, car owners are no longer obliged to go their main dealer during the vehicle’s warranty period and an independent garage can service your car leaving the warranty intact.

How does Right2Choose affect how I manage the upkeep of my vehicle?

It doesn’t. You should still stick to recommended service schedules as outlined in your manual and have your independent garage fit parts of Original Equipment (OE) quality standard. You should also keep any maintenance and repair records as proof that you have met all requirements.

IAAF is managing the Right2Choose campaign on behalf of companies and other organisations in the independent automotive aftermarket.

You can visit IAAFs website here.