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Bosch DiagnosticsDiagnostics refers to fault finding on a vehicle’s electronic components and systems.

This is an area that the majority of motor vehicle repair centres are not prepared to get involved with due to the amount of investment & training involved to gain a good understanding of how all the electronic systems on modern cars work.

At Votex, we see it as a priority to invest in training & diagnostic equipment so that we are able to fully diagnose & rectify all faults on modern motor vehicles. We have the comprehensive diagnostic equipment, that saves you time and money by pinpointing problems, without the trial and error methods that other garages are forced to use.

**New Online Repair Technology for all Volkswagen Audi brand vehicles**

Our recent investment in the latest VW, Audi, SEAT, and Skoda diagnostic equipment ODIS – empowers us to have the same diagnostic platform and abilities as the dealers. ODIS is fully licensed and supported by VW Germany.
We use the latest diagnostic equipment and have access to the latest technical updates, reassuring you that we have the latest information with reference to your vehicle.

Some of the specialised services that Votex can perform on VAG Group vehicles:

  • Component Protection Removal – Enabling full functionality on new control units – ONLY VWs online diagnostic system can perform this job correctly. Another tooling may remove component protection – but will risk damaging new components irreparably while attempting to perform this task.
  • Software updating of Control Units – ECU Software updates are installed to prevent changing expensive electronic components developing faults of corrupted software. In many cases, software updating can save hundreds of pounds by NOT replacing control units logging a “defective” fault code. Many workshops are still unaware of this new repair technology.
  • Key and Remote Matching Service – Genuine VW key orders are matched on VW Factory servers to your car. Only an online connection to the VW security server can match these genuine parts correctly, without a risk of damage.
  • Immobiliser Release & Matching – Only a legal and secure online connection can match genuine immobiliser components to your new car correctly without risking expensive and irretrievable damage to your car’s electronics.
  • Airbag Systems – New models now require airbag systems parameterising online.
  • Sat Nav/Cruise control Activation
  • Online Diagnostics with the latest factory supplied bulletins, data & procedures.
  • Digital Service Records > 2014

Volkswagen group vehicles service records are now logged online and recorded at the factory.

We can complete your online Digital Service Book on new models & provide a print out for your records. (Also available for BMW & Mini)

Our commitment to the Volkswagen Audi Group brands makes us the ideal choice as your preferred repairer.