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Lambda Treatments

Our service technicians and advisors recommend the use of Lambda products prior to MOT testing and at appropriate service intervals.


  • Reduces toxic exhaust emissions
  • Improves engine performance
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Cleans and protects both petrol and diesel engines
  • Reduces engine wear
  • Recommended for use on new HP and BioDiesels

Modern fuels leave carbon deposits in your vehicle’s engine and fuel systems. These deposits reduce engine effeciency and increase harmful emissions. This reduces your vehicle’s fuel consumption and increases the quantity of toxic particulates released into the atmosphere. Lambda is the most advanced solution to these problems, which is why we recommend their use.

In 2008 stricter EU legislation governing vehicle emissions will be introduced, reducing permissible emissions by up to 50%. Currently only Lambda’s range of engine treatments meets this legistation.

Lambda offers solutions to a wide spectrum of engine problems, including poor fuel economy, loss of power, wand excessive exhaust emissions. Our trained service technicians will be happy to discuss the appropriate treatment for your specific requirements.

We are so confident in Lambda’s products that if your vehicle fails an emission test within 3 months of being treated with Lambda fuel treatment and oil pimer, we will re-treat your engine at no cost to yourself.

Lambda Oil PrimerLambda Oil Primer
Used in conjunction with either Lambda Tank Petrol or Lambda Tank Diesel
Reduces engine wear and improves performance
Improves compression ratio by dissolving carbon deposits
Coats and lubricates all load-bearing surfaces
Cleans all types of engines and gearboxes, Improving engine performance
Eliminates contamination which can cause tappet rattle.

img_prd_tank-otto-250Lambda Tank Petrol
Used in conjunction with Lambda Oil Primer
Efficient cleaner for petrol injection systems and pumps leading to improved fuel consumption
Clean and lubricates the petrol fuel system removing condensation to improve fuel consumption
Cleans valves and combustion chamber to minimize exhaust emissions


img_prd_tank-diesel-250Lambda Tank Diesel
Used in conjunction with Lambda Oil Primer
Cleans, lubricates and protects the entire fuel system including injectors and pumps, leading to improved fuel consumption
Maintains and restores engine performance by removing condensation and preventing the growth of bacteria, algae and mould in the fuel tank
Cleans valves and combustion chamber to minimise exhaust emissions
Suitable for use with all diesel systems, including BioDiesel fuel systems