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Timing Belts

timingbelt[1]Replacing your car’s timing belt (otherwise know as a cambelt) is very important, yet is still often overlooked. The timing belt is affected not only by use over distance, but also the rubber degrades over time.

Failure of a timing belt can cause major and expensive engine damage, so it is very important that the manufacturer’s replacement interval is followed.

Other concerns
While replacing the timing belt, it is also advisable to replace the water pump. The water pump is driven by the timing belt, therefore if it fails, it causes the timing belt to fail.

Replace the pump is a small inexpensive job while the timing belt is already off, though if needed to be changed at a later date, could be costly.

Click HERE for a quote, and exact replacement interval for your car.
Please state if you would like the water pump at the same time (recommended).